Spotlight on the WNPJ Member Group - Veterans for Peace Chapter #25

Chapter #25 of VFP is active in the Madison area, participating in anti-war rallies and tabling at local events, providing anti-war and counter-recruitment literature to passers-by.  They make a visible anti-war presence in our community.

For example -  each Spring along Atwood Avenue by Olbrich Park, VFP #25 sets up a Memorial Mile with thousands of tombstones, to remember all who have been killed in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. (Covid has interferred in 2020/2021, but watch for this to recur in 2022!) They also provide scholarships to high school seniors who write essays on ways to peace.


Anti-war education and a visual presence for peace is important to this Chapter. They currently  have new yard signs for peace, available to the public. Contact Brad Geyer to get yours!



VFP MEETINGS for Chapter #25 in Madison. Please join us. Our meetings are open to everyone. Meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month. 6 pm. Please enquire and we can give you specifics.


There are two upcoming events to note:


On Saturday May 29, it will be a great day to fly a kite.   

 Join some of us from Veterans for Peace #25 -

 We will be at Olbrich Park in Madison at 9 am.

 Come fly a kite for peace or justice or love.  #KitesNotBombs

 Location: Olbrich in Madison



Monday,  May 31 - 1:00-2:00 pm  - live on Facebook at: Annual Memorial Day Peace Rally by VFP Madison & Progressive Magazine Online

and YouTube []

 With Guest Speakers the Reverend David Couper and Will Williams, introduced by David Giffey

-  plus one of this year’s high school essay awardees

With live music by Old Cool and others, poetry- and more

 Concluding with the laying of carnations at the Spanish Civil War Veterans monument and bagpipes by Sean Michael Dargan.


Veterans for Peace (VFP) Chapter #25 is part of the national organization.  

Nationally VFP was founded and incorporated as a non-profit organization in the state of Maine on July 8, 1985. Veterans for Peace has a national office in Saint LouisMissouri and members across the country, both organized in chapters and at-large.  Veterans and associate members are all welcome to join. 

The National Convention for VFP was held in Madison a few years ago, with the theme: Power to the Peaceful. 

The stated objective of the national group is as follows:

We draw on our personal experiences and perspectives gained as veterans to raise public awareness of the true costs and consequences of militarism and war - and to seek peaceful, effective alternatives."

In 2016, the US Peace Memorial Foundation awarded the US Peace Prize to Veterans For Peace “In recognition of heroic efforts to expose the causes and costs of war and to prevent and end armed conflict.”


We, having dutifully served our nation, do hereby affirm our greater responsibility to serve the cause of world peace. To this end we will work, with others:

*To increase public awareness of the costs of war
*To restrain our government from intervening, overtly and covertly, in the internal affairs of other nations
*To end the arms race and to reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons
*To seek justice for veterans and victims of war
*To abolish war as an instrument of national policy.

To achieve these goals, members of Veterans for Peace pledge to use non-violent means and to maintain an organization that is both democratic and open with the understanding that all members are trusted to act in the best interests of the group for the larger purpose of world peace.


Exposing the True Costs of War with Campaigns such as selling yard signs saying Bring Our War Dollars Home. When talking about the total costs of war, it is necessary to look at the entire picture. The costs associated with war and militarism can be difficult to measure, but VFP recognizes the need to address all levels of these costs.

Building a Culture of Peace: Our society today is one that finds violence acceptable and inevitable. In many small ways our culture teaches us that war is noble. To build a culture of peace, we will need to not only end war but also become a peaceful society within our own communities.

Healing the Wounds of War: Central to the call for peace is healing the wounds of war – whether those wounds be in the countries where bombs were dropped or in the homes and hearts of veterans and associates in our own society.


For more information, contact:

Veterans for Peace – VFP – Chapter 25 – Madison
Contact: Fran Wiedenhoeft
Address: PO Box 1811, Madison, WI 53701
Phone: 608-576-7416