Sign the petition calling on Biden to restore and rejoin the Iran deal.

Two months into the Biden administration, the fate of the Iran deal remains uncertain. Rather than abide by his campaign promise to return the U.S. to the Iran nuclear deal, the Biden administration has done little to reverse Trump's failed "maximum pressure" policy that imposed crushing sanctions on a nation of 83 million people amidst a global pandemic. The longer Iran and the U.S. remain in a political deadlock, the greater the risk of escalating tensions in the Middle East, and irreparable harm to the road to diplomacy.

That’s why we’ve launched our #ReSealTheDeal week of action with the National Iranian American Council, Win Without War, Friends Committee on National Legislation, and 19 other organizations. Each day includes different actions you can take to urge Congress and the Biden administration to take immediate steps to return to the Iran nuclear agreement. 

You can start today by signing our petition calling on Biden to restore and rejoin the Iran deal.

Our movement must urge Biden to turn the page on Trump’s failed “maximum pressure” campaign and make it clear to the new administration that we must save the JCPOA and re-pave the path to diplomacy with Iran. 

Our goal is to collect 100,000 signatures on this petition! Will you help us reach the number we need by signing and sharing the petition today?

For more peaceful relations with Iran,

Paul Kawika Martin
Peace Action