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As representatives of the interfaith community in Wisconsin, we want to say thank you to Health Care Workers and First Responders. You have been providing emergency care for over a year under very difficult conditions. Every day you have shouldered the responsibility of showing up for neighbors in need, respecting their humanity while serving them with love and care. You have worked to educate the public on the need for COVID-19 safety precautions even when that message has not always been received with the love and respect with which it was offered. We write today to let you know we see, hear, and appreciate all your hard work and sacrifices to bring health and healing to your patients and our community. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with you as every day you face the overwhelming challenges of being essential workers. We realize that the pandemic persists even as vaccines have begun  rolling out, and that getting through this will still take time. We want you to know that you are not alone, as you struggle to care for your patients in an often-overwhelmed health care system, while also caring for yourselves and your families.

Together, we give thanks:
For you as you go to work, and we pray that you come home healthy and safe;
For you who remind us that we are neighbors who need to love one another;
For the scientists, officials and people who are giving vaccinations to keep us safe;
For the places of worship, schools and businesses, and individuals that practice wearing masks, socially distancing, cleaning and changing the ways things are done– out of love for all our neighbors.

We support your work and efforts to educate our communities. Together as people of faith we commit to honoring and protecting one another, wearing masks, socially distancing, hand washing and getting vaccinated when we are able, realizing those are ways we can express our love for our neighbors.

Peace to you,

Faithful Action for a Healthy Wisconsin

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