Wisconsin Should RETAIN Environmental Testing for 3 PFAS found in Firefighting Foams - from CSWAB

3/2/21“We couldn’t be more disappointed in the WDNR’s announcement* today. Wisconsin should be ADDING to the list of PFAS compounds that are included in initial site screening, not taking away. We know that all three (10:2 FTS, PFHxDA and PFODA) are found in firefighting foam, which includes exposures to firefighters at the huge ATC Transformer Fire in Madison in 2019,” said Laura Olah, Executive Director, Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger. “As it is, Wisconsin is only testing for only a few dozen of the thousands of PFAS chemicals in our environment.”  


To learn more: see https://cswab.org/wisconsin-drops-environmental-testing-for-3-pfas-found-in-firefighting-foams/


“The basis for the WDNR’s decision is a deferral to testing requirements from the previous EPA Administration,” Olah added. “Instead, we believe that data from Wisconsin should drive decisions here at home and now we will have very little data, if any, for these three toxic chemicals.” 


A detailed response to the WDNR’s decision is found here:




*Wisconsin Adjusts PFAS Default Reporting List for Regulatory Sampling and Lab Certification from 36 to 33 PFAS Compounds

After careful consideration, effective March 1, 2021, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) no longer expects regulated entities, unless otherwise directed by DNR, to sample for or laboratories to report three of the 36 PFAS compounds on the default PFAS list. Site-specific circumstances may influence whether the DNR approves a deviation for sampling for those 33 PFAS compounds.

The three PFAS compounds – 10:2 FTS, PFHxDA and PFODA – were removed from the DNR’s list of PFAS compounds to align with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed method for PFAS analysis.

The updated list of the DNR’s 33 PFAS compounds can be found here. Where the DNR directs that regulated entities sample for PFAS, the DNR requires that analyses of samples submitted under ss. NR 716.13, NR 809.73, NR 200, NR 507.17, NR 664.0013 be performed by a Wisconsin certified laboratory, if one exists, or a laboratory that has applied to be certified. For a list of labs that are certified or have applied for PFAS certification, please visit the DNR’s PFAS lab analysis webpage.

If 10:2 FTS, PFHxDA or PFODA were previously found at a site, regulated entities should work with their DNR contact on whether or not the three compounds should be included in further sampling. Even if these compounds were not previously found, the DNR may still request that the regulated entity include the compounds in their sampling and reporting. If there are PFAS contaminants of concern based on site-specifics that are NOT on Wisconsin’s PFAS list (including the three being removed), the DNR may still request that regulated entities sample for additional PFAS and that a lab test for and report the compounds.

If you have specific questions about your site, please ask your applicable DNR contact. Questions regarding Wisconsin’s list of PFAS compounds or lab certification may be directed to Tom Trainor at tom.trainor@wisconsin.gov. More information regarding PFAS is available on the department’s PFAS web page.


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