Lay Down My Sword and Shield

An eight-week online course taught by Kathy Kelly starting April 2021

Registration now open

Dear Friends,
We’re writing today to invite your participation in a course Kathy Kelly will teach, during April and May, as part of the School for Social and Cultural Change. Kathy’s course is entitled: “Lay Down My Sword and Shield.” Each week, a reflection is offered along with links to related materials. Also once a week, participants will gather for a Zoom conversation. Participants will include young people who’ve been educating Kathy for some years, including several who are in far away spots like Afghanistan, Mongolia, and India. Kathy’s is one of multiple courses being offered. We just learned a few days ago that Noam Chomsky and Mary Waterstone will offer a course called “Consequences of Capitalism.”
An overview for Kathy’s course says:
This course will help participants clarify their views about participating in, paying for or in any way tolerating warfare. The teacher, Kathy Kelly, is mainly familiar with wars waged by the U.S., having lived alongside people trapped by wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, there is much to learn from people still trapped in war zones or seeking refuge from wars. Articles, interviews, films, art, literature and data will be presented about ongoing wars against Yemen, the West Bank and Gaza. By laying aside the futility of war, and thereby dismantling militarism, we can then rationally discuss solving the very real terrors we face, particularly the terrors of what we are doing to our own environment. Participants will be encouraged to develop written reflections which can be useful as eventual letters to the editor, op-eds, homilies, and correspondence directed to elected officials, CEOs of weapon making companies, and various community leaders who should be working to end all wars. Through conversations with one another, participants will ideally build individual and collective skills enabling us, week by week, to speak truthfully about the costs of war and the price of peace.
Here is the link to the school:
If you’d like to enroll, just follow the link. And below is information about the school’s sponsors. As ever, we’re grateful to be staying in touch with you.

Sean Reynolds, Sarah Ball and Kathy Kelly
for “To End All Wars”


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