Job posting for W.A.V.E - "Equity and Outreach Project Lead"

Position open at WAVE – Milwaukee.-

Deadline to apply, Feb 26 - Send resume and cover letter to Deja Garner at

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Description follows:


Equity and Outreach Project Lead 


WAVE Educational Fund is a statewide, grassroots organization dedicated to preventing gun violence,  injuries and deaths through education and advocacy. 


Would you like to join our friendly, supportive, hardworking staff? We welcome you to apply for the  position of Equity and Outreach Project Lead. In this role, you will be assisting with our racial  equity, community outreach, and civic engagement efforts, with an emphasis on reaching youth and communities of color. This is currently a part-time position (approximately 15 hours per week). 


The following duties, as well as others that may be assigned, will be performed personally or in  coordination with other staff members. 

∙ Report to, and work directly with, the Director of Equity and Outreach. 

∙ Help to develop productive and meaningful partnerships with organizations representing  disenfranchised communities, communities of color and other communities deeply impacted by gun  violence. 

∙ Learn about the intersection between gun violence and criminal justice reform, with the goal of  determining how a gun violence prevention advocacy organization can most effectively participate in creating safe and just communities. 

∙ Develop and demonstrate an understanding of equitable gun policy. 

∙ Assist with planning the annual summer internship, with a focus on awareness-building activities and equitable solutions to gun violence. 

∙ Assist with developing a longstanding and sustainable youth component to our programs, which will  raise up young voices in Wisconsin’s current gun violence prevention efforts and ensure that the next generation will be prepared to continue the movement in our state. 

∙ Participate in existing efforts related to neighborhood policing efforts, criminal justice reforms,  restorative justice strategies, underserved youth intervention efforts, etc. 

∙ Provide ongoing research, background information, and analytical support for our Equity and  Outreach efforts, with an emphasis on evidence-based solutions to gun violence for impacted  communities. 

∙ Play an active role in supporting daily internal and external Equity and Outreach efforts by helping to prepare, organize, lead, and facilitate team meetings, trainings, and ad hoc work sessions. ∙ Take a lead role in knowledge sharing within the team. 

∙ Assist with our recruitment of new WAVE members and WAVE Action Team Leaders. ∙ Network to achieve organizational goals at public events, meetings, and conferences. ∙ Provide relevant and accurate information to elected officials, community leaders, other organizations, the media, and the general public. 

∙ Help plan community awareness-building events. 

∙ “Table” at meetings, conferences and community events.

WAVE Educational Fund * 414.351.                           ∙ Manage special projects related to our Equity and Outreach efforts. 

∙ Help with data entry and other office tasks, as needed. 


∙ Excellent written and oral communication skills 

∙ Familiarity with computer applications such as Word and Excel, as well as social media platforms∙ Ability to work as part of a team or independently with minimal supervision ∙ Must be trustworthy and able to handle personal information with the utmost care 


∙ Must be at least 18 years of age 

∙ You must read, sign and submit WAVE’s Youth Protection Policy document and pass a criminal  background check. 

∙ *Must be capable of providing own transportation (valid driver’s license and auto-insurance required), self-arranged transportation, or public transportation, and must be able to travel around the Greater  Milwaukee area to attend actions and events that occur days, nights, or weekends 

∙ *Must follow WAVE’s personal and community protection plan, which will meet or exceed  guidelines offered by the Wisconsin Department of Health 

*Due to COVID-19, most, if not all, of our work will be conducted virtually until we can safely resume  in-person activities.  


∙ High school diploma or GED required 

∙ Advanced education or experience in the fields of equity, social justice, criminal justice, public  policy, communications, or community organizing preferred 


∙ Salary will be determined based on skills and experience 

∙ Pro-rated benefits’ package includes paid vacation, holidays, sick and personal days, as well as  employer contributions to a retirement plan 


Please send your resume and a cover letter by February 26, 2021 to Deja Garner at

We know that the application process -- with all of its waiting -- can cause a lot of anxiety. We will do our best to keep you informed and communicate with you in a timely manner! 

WAVE Educational Fund celebrates diversity. We welcome, and are committed to creating, an inclusive  environment. That means, we respect and support the diverse cultures, perspectives and life experiences  of all applicants and employees. You’re valued here.

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