Contact Your Representatives in Congress to Act on H.R.1

H.R.1 is the Democracy Reform: The 'For The People Act' would dramatically strengthen our democracy by making it easier to vote, ending gerrymandering, fixing our campaign finance system, and more.  Mike McCabe of Our Wisconsin Revolution has sent this Action Alert to WNPJ. McCabe writes: The better part of a year ago, I wrote in my book 'Unscrewing America' that our country's future is "more up in the air than it has been in living memory" with America "divided and without a clear sense of national purpose." I continued: "At some point we will come to our senses. Sooner or later, we will ring in the year one A.T.  After Trump, that is." That moment is upon us. So much is screwed up and so many have been screwed over.' The future is ours to make. We will either become a true multiracial democracy or succumb to separatism and slide toward fascism.' I know which future I want.

There is so much to do. A good place to start is H.R. 1. I don't know how we solve any of the mammoth problems facing our country without first shoring up our democracy. I hope you will take the time to contact your representatives in Congress to call on them to act on H.R. 1. Click here

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