2020 was a dreadful episode of human rights violations

2020 is a dark closure to a dark decade in terms of realizing human rights and humanitarian law in the occupied Palestinian territories.

(submitted by Peregrine Forum)


Based on its follow-up of the situation of Palestinian people rights, and its keenness to be the voice of the victims of human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territories and the diaspora, the International Commission to Support Palestinians' Rights (ICSPR)   holds this press conference today in your presence, to clearly and publicly indicates the severe and unprecedented deterioration on the overall human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory during 2020, and confirms as we are beginning a new year, that 2020 was the worst in terms of the grave violations that Palestinians have been subjected to.


Coronavirus crisis and the accompanying emergency measures left an extremely complex and difficult humanitarian situation that has exacerbated the human rights crisis in the Palestinian territories, especially the Gaza Strip, which involves a weak realization of human and peoples' rights guaranteed in international agreements, and in particular depriving the Palestinian people of their rights to return, self-determination, freedom, security, a decent standard of living and human dignity, for political, social and economic reasons, whether at the internal Palestinian level or the external level, and what caused by the Israeli occupation state, especially in light of the continuation of various forms of violations against Palestinian civilians in the occupied Palestinian territories; As well as the continuation of the policy of suffocating siege. Moreover, the Palestinian violations by the government in Ramallah and the executive bodies in the Gaza Strip, represented in the collective punishment imposed on the Palestinian citizen in the Gaza Strip, which led to an unprecedented increase in poverty and unemployment rates.


At the beginning of the year 2020, the US President announced his plan to solve the Palestinian issue, this plan gives the Israeli occupation forces unprecedented legitimacy to annex the occupied Palestinian lands, expand the settlement movement, recognize full sovereignty over united Jerusalem, and establish a reality that precludes the possibility of a Palestinian state and even legitimizes the apartheid regime, in a clear denial of the rights of the Palestinian people, which have been affirmed by successive UN resolutions, whether the Security Council, the General Assembly, international organizations or UN agencies.


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