Write Representative Mark Pocan to bring Medicare for All to a floor vote January 3

Alert from Our Wisconsin Revolution.  A few weeks ago, we asked those of you in Dane County to join our letter campaign urging the Executive Committee of the Dane County Board of Supervisors to pass 2020 RES 295, which recognizes the dire need for a single-payer healthcare system for Dane County, for Wisconsin, and for our nation as a whole. We are ecstatic to report that the public pressure worked -- the Executive Committee vote to bring 2020 RES 295 to a full board vote passed unanimously! We will never stop putting pressure on our elected officials to do what is right because our actions are living proof that public pressure works. That said, if you received this email, we are once again asking for your help.


Healthcare is a human right -- and there is no time more critical than right now, in the middle of a global pandemic, to bring this basic human right, brought to life by Medicare for All, to a Congressional floor vote. We call on Representative Mark Pocan, Co-Chair of both the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus, to join Representative Ilhan Omar, Representative Cori Bush, and Representative Jamaal Bowman in listening to his constituents regarding his vote for Speaker Pelosi in exchange for bringing Medicare for All to a floor vote. During an unprecedented global pandemic, doing so is both politically strategic and the right thing to do. With support for Medicare for All at an all-time high, Representative Pocan and others will be on the right side of history by acting at this critical moment. With 14 million people across the country actually losing their healthcare in the middle of a global pandemic, it is difficult to imagine a more critical time to take on this fight.


Procedurally, here is how the process works: Speaker Pelosi requires 218 votes to maintain her position. If she falls short, members may submit their vote for any other member. With a Democratic House majority, there is no risk that a Republican will be elected to the position. Given the number required to win the position, a very small sect of the Progressive Caucus, including Representative Pocan, can leverage this moment by withholding their votes in exchange for Speaker Pelosi agreeing to bring Medicare for All to a floor vote. If our elected leaders do not support the idea of bringing Medicare for All to a vote in the middle of a global pandemic, then their positions should be on the record for their constituents and the public to see. If we value democracy, then we should value this type of transparency. More importantly, if we value human life, then it is critical to know which of our elected leaders are denying people of color and poor and working classes the dignity of having our most basic needs met. With over half of the roughly 30 million people not covered by the ACA being people of color, not leveraging one's power to fight for them when strong leaders are need the most is unconscionable -- and frankly, racist.


We are urging Representative Pocan to do the right thing and withhold his vote for Speaker Pelosi on January 3rd, 2021. Join us in sending a strong message to Representative Pocan that we will not accept anything else. Take action now -- use our simple letter writing tool to tell Representative Pocan to do the right thing. Letter writing link. From Our Wisconsin Revolution. Contact:  ashley@ourwisconsinrev.com