ACLU: petition to divest from police and reinvest in Black and Brown communities

The ACLU Pushes for Real Change to Combat Racism in Policing - using 4 short historical films.

* Los Angeles, 1992. Detroit, 1967. Harlem, 1935. Chicago, 1919. *The disturbing trends we see today in police violence are the same we've seen over 100 years. George Floyd and Breonna Taylor – and the ensuing protests from their murders – are only the latest stories in this long and tragic history of systemic racism. The ACLU has produced a film series "100 Years of Racism in Policing" with the goal to understanding why. See the videos here:

Click here for films.

In this series of four short films, you will take a critical journey across the last century of commissions convened to examine why police brutality sparks unrest – from Rodney King to the Harlem Riots. And by looking deeper into this history, we will better understand why it's not just reform, but a full re-allocation of resources that will be necessary for us to end police violence and injustice in our communities. We are ready to push for real change in this country now.

Now, take the next action and sign our petition for real change to divest from the police and reinvest in the Black and Brown communities who suffer the brunt of their violence.  Because what the film series makes clear is that policing institutions are deeply entrenched in racism and brutality – and reforming policies and training is not enough: It's time to divest. We won't back down from these calls to divest and we hope you're with us: Please add your name in support today. Sign the petition here.

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