Call Senators to block the sale of weapons to the United Arab Emirates

Take action for human rights and for a saner U.S. foreign policy - this time regarding a troubling $23 billion arms sale to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Make your call today:  As you know, U.S. arms often end up being used for tragic human rights violations. In the face of unspeakable human suffering in war-torn countries like Libya and Yemen, our country is making a profit off of the weapons that perpetuate that suffering. This specific sale includes drones and fighter jets -- the very weapons that are being used against civilians.  Call the Congressional switchboard at 1-202-224-3121. Ask to be connected to one of your Senator's offices. Once connected, say:

“Hello, my name is ______ and I am a constituent from (your town/city). I am calling to urge Senator ______  to support Joint Resolutions of Disapproval (S.J.Res.77, 78, 79, and 80) sponsored by Senators Menendez, Murphy, and Paul and supported by Charles Schumer which would block the sale of over $23 billion worth of advanced weaponry to the United Arab Emirates.

I oppose these arms sales, which are fueling human rights abuses in Yemen and Libya. I support prioritizing U.S. humanitarian aid and a diplomatic solution to end the conflict, not rushing through arms sales that will just increase violence in Yemen and Libya. That is a smarter strategy both ethically and from a global security standpoint.”

U.S. laws that Peace Action fought for are already supposed to prohibit sending arms to perpetrators of gross human rights abuses. But presidents often work around those requirements. It’s up to you and I to hold Congress’s feet to the fire and ask them to block these sales.  Trump is trying to rush these sales through to benefit his buddies in the arms industry. Increased weapons profits could wind up destabilizing the Middle East and increase the violence and suffering there. Providing advanced weapons will make it more difficult for the U.S. to deny these or other advanced arms to Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other countries, and may increase Iran’s weapons development in response. There are other issues with the sales:

  • The UAE has transferred US weapons to third parties, including al-Qaeda and militias fighting in the brutal war in Yemen. The UAE continues to participate in the horrible war there. Airstrikes by the Saudi and UAE Coalition are responsible for the majority of civilian casualties as well as widespread civilian casualties, displacement, starvation, and illness there.
  • The UAE has violated a United Nations arms embargo for Libya by providing arms and military support to warlords there.
  • The UAE has a horrible human rights record at home. They’ve repressed civil rights and engaged in arbitrary arrest, detention, and torture of political prisoners and human rights defenders. While we’ve had our own brush with authoritarianism we don’t need to be propping up countries with such horrible human rights records.

From Jon Rainwater of Peace Action