Tell Congress: No taxpayer dollars for CIS facilities in Texas and New Mexico

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) is considering proposals to build Consolidated Interim Storage (CIS) facilities to store nuclear waste in New Mexico and Texas. Both Texas and New Mexico are opposed to these facilities and the rest of the country should be as well. Both sites are unjustly targeted for Hispanic communities. Hauling nuclear waste is extremely dangerous and risky. To reduce risk, the waste should be transported only once, from the reactor sites to a permanent isolation facility.

Building these so-called ‘interim’ sites would require hauling dangerous, high-level nuclear waste all over the country twice: Once to the ‘interim’ sites, then once again to the permanent site—if that is ever built. If the permanent site is not built, the ‘interim’ sites could become de-facto permanent storage sites.

These is also the issue of consent from the communities targeted for CIS facilities. Both bills call for a “consent-based approach” to building the facilities, but neither New Mexico nor Texas have consented to them so far. There’s little chance that they or other states will consent to CIS facilities in the future. Now Congress is getting in on the act. The House and Senate are considering two bills, called the Energy and Water Appropriations Acts, that authorize and fund these facilities. Congress needs to pull the brakes on CIS facilities and work with states to find scientifically and publicly acceptable alternatives. Tell Congress: No taxpayer dollars for CIS facilities in Texas and New Mexico. . Or use following link:  Sent to WNPJ by NIRS