Be part of a “Thank an Election Hero” campaign from Wisconsin Voices!

As the statewide canvass comes to a close, we are launching our “Thank an Election Hero” social media campaign building on Governor Evers’s proclaimed “Election Hero Day” from November 2nd. Together, we are vocally supporting local election clerks, election staff, poll workers and postal service workers for their diligence, integrity and courage in making this pandemic election the most secure in our history. Here are some ideas for organizations and individuals looking to thank an Election Hero:

  • Video Thank You Messages!
  • Send a note of thanks and encouragement to your local election workers as they continue to serve us in this historic election.
  • Find the address for your clerk here!
  • Record a message thanking election heroes in your town! Share your own election story and the story of the election heroes whose courage and diligence helped you cast your vote in 2020.
  • Be sure to use the hashtags #AllinWisconsin and #ElectionHeroes and tell folks you're from Wisconsin. Be sure to tag your local leaders, such as your mayor, elections clerks or others.