Oppose Nomination of Michele Flournoy as Sec. of Defense - from Peace Action Wisconsin

Oppose hawkish Flournoy’s nomination because she wants to increase arms sales to Saudi Arabia to police the Middle East while the US pivots to Asia to escalate troop deployments for more “war games” in the South China Sea. After leaving the Obama White House, Flournoy joined the Boston Consulting Group as a senior advisor, overseeing the development of $32 million in military contracts.[7][8] In 2018, she joined the board of Booz Allen Hamilton, a publicly traded consulting firm with military contracts and cyber security expertise. She is currently the co-founder and managing partner of WestExec Advisors. 

Flournoy advocates:

  • Preparation for multiple simultaneous large theater wars.
  • Pre-emptive unilateral military strikes.
  • Sale of more weapons to Saudi Arabia’s brutal regime in contrast to President-elect Joe Biden’s position to end US support for Saudi genocide in Yemen.
  • Escalation of provocative roving war games in the South China Sea, ramping up the risk of a hot war with China or North Korea, both nuclear powers.
  • Increased use of drone warfare.
  • Symbolizes the revolving door between Pentagon, consultants and military contractors.
  • Investment in new weapons systems when resources are urgently needed to address the climate crisis and COVID-19, etc.


Contact your U.S. Senators (202) 224-3121. Call NOW as Biden will reportedly announce his cabinet choices as early as Thanksgiving. Biden’s nominees, to pass muster, must be approved by a majority of the Senate. For information contact Jim Carpenter, End the Wars Coalition, (414) 347-0353


 Senator Jack Reed (D-Rhode Island, Senate Armed Services Committee), Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-ILL, Disabled Iraq War Vet, Thai), Jeh Johnson, former Secretary of Homeland Security (African American) Other names to consider: Tom Countryman, Board Chair, Arms Control Association; Congressman Ro Khanna (House Armed Services Committee); Matt Duss, Foreign Policy Advisor, Bernie Sanders. For more on Biden’s cabinet choices, read “Meet the Contenders for Biden’s Cabinet” (Politico, 11/7/20). https://www.politico.com/news/2020/11/07/joe-biden-cabinet-picks-possible-choices-433431