Recruiting Clergy and Laypersons for voter education and action against voter suppression

The Wisconsin Council of Churches and Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice are committed to work that educates and informs voters, protects democracy and promotes nonviolent action against voter suppression which particularly targets BIPOC communities. We lift up a vision of an inclusive, multiracial democracy.

We also know that this work will not end with Election Day. It is both spiritual and physical and requires our faithful attention. Experts who are concerned about the status of our democracy believe that the upcoming months will require the best gifts we have to bring when it comes to spiritual and moral leadership. In preparation for the season which spans Election Day to Inauguration Day, we are recruiting clergy and laypersons to: participate in public actions; speak to media; attend trainings on nonviolent civil disobedience and messaging; and join regular faith network meetings. Please join us:

  1. Let us know you’re willing to join our Wisconsin faith-based response (we will communicate with you directly)
  2. Sign up to be alerted when people of faith are needed in the streets (national mobilization list)
  3. Sign up for upcoming trainings

Past trainings – contact us for access to recordings or notes!

More info at 608-513-7121 or