WISDOM Vigil at Governor's mansion - address COVID 19 in Wisconsin prisons

The Vigil in front of the Governor's mansion continues.  For over 2 weeks, WISDOM and EXPO members and friends have braved the cold and the rain to be sure Governor Evers knows that we will not go away until he addresses the dangers of COVID 19 in Wisconsin prisons. Are you willing to pick up a shift or two? Go to: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d48a4ab2fabf8c61-sitin   


Directly contact EXPO organizer Peggy West-Schoder,  peggy@expowisconsin.org.

Our demands of Governor Evers are not at all unreasonable.  We simply want him to hold a press conference and make a statement, in which he:

  • expresses his concern for the health and safety of the people who live and work in WI prisons,
  • is completely transparent about how many people in WI prisons have already died of COVID 19 or have become sick enough to need oxygen or hospitalization,
  • informs us about whether he has any intention of using his powers to safely reduce the prison population during this emergency.

The people who live and work in Wisconsin's prisons, and their families, deserve at least to know their Governor has not forgotten them.

In the past two weeks, we have received several calls and emails from people who feel it is inappropriate for WISDOM to publicly criticize Governor Evers, especially near the time of an election.  This would be a good time to clarify what WISDOM is and what our role ought to be. WISDOM is not a partisan organization.  If Scott Walker was still the Governor and he refused to respond to the COVID crisis in the prisons, we would take action to call out that behavior.  When Tony Evers does the same thing, integrity calls for us to respond in the same way.  We believe that the people who are most impacted are the ones who should be at the center of deciding how we should respond to an injustice. EXPO and SIP members called for this vigil, and the rest of WISDOM agreed to stand with them.  I do not believe that any of the people who registered complaints have loved ones in prison.  WISDOM is a faith-based, values-based organization.  It is our job to stand courageously for our values, even if it means standing against people we would usually like.  As our training says, "We have no permanent friends and no permanent adversaries."  Or, as one of our leaders likes to say, "It is our job to live out our values; we have no control over who agrees with us." In our hyper-partisan, polarized state, I am proud to be part of a group that will stand with people who suffer injustice, no matter what.  That's why I'm going to do some more hours in the cold this week. office@wisdomwisconsin.org