Choose Democracy - Protect the Results: add your event!

There are events listed in Appleton, Menominee Falls and West Bend. How about yours?

Hundreds of groups are planning nationwide marches and actions to demand all votes are counted and to ensure the fair and peaceful election result. A massive show of numbers throughout the country will demonstrate our resolve to choosedemocracy.

The action page has a link to a map of actions

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Counter-coup Organizing and Training

List compiled by Voices for Creative Nonviolence: Check out the list here

An organizer and analyst we deeply respect, “Training for Change” co-founder George Lakey recently suggested Voices help maintain a list of organizations in the U.S. which are helping people prepare for the possibility of a stolen election, a rigged election, or an outright coup following November 3rd voting in the U.S.. In a nation with rapidly dwindling concern for democracy, the principle of nonviolent community organizing for democracy has seldom seemed so urgent.

We’re impressed by the quality of outreach and organizing which has already developed in cities and states across the U.S. This is a mere sampling of what we’ve learned so far. We’ll keep George Lakey’s Training for Change trainings at the top of the list, and other groups with upcoming events at