Save the Wolf River from toxic metallic sulfide mining - Langlade County

What can you do to save the Wolf River from toxic metallic sulfide mining?

Right now the Wisconsin DNR is revising the rules that govern where mining can happen. You can send a simple email, text or make a phone call to the government officials in charge of writing the rules.

All your message has to say is: Please make sure that you specifically list the Wolf River Region as being off-limits to mining in the rule making process.

The DNR has spent millions of dollars protecting the Wolf River Region from pollution. No other human activity has the ability to ruin the entire Wolf River Watershed more than metallic sulfide mining. There is a short period of time in which the DNR is rewriting the rules surrounding mining. This is the time to have your concerns be heard. If you live, work or play in the Wolf River Basin, 100% of the clean drinking water you and your family consume comes from groundwater supplied by the Wolf River Watershed.

You can make a difference by contacting the following people and letting them know you want the Wolf River specifically listed in the rules as being off-limits to mining. Tell your family and friends to do the same. It is important to contact all the people listed as they all play an important role in rule making. If you have newspaper and media contacts tell them that it is vital Governor Evers and DNR Secretary Preston Cole make sure the Wolf River is protected from mining.

Governor - Tony Evers: and and (608) 266-1221

Lieutenant Governor - Mandela Barnes: and (608) 266-3516 and (414) 227-4344 and (608) 267-2713

DNR Secretary - Preston Cole: and (608) 267-7556

DNR Deputy Secretary - Beth Bier: and (608) 266-1648

DNR Assistant Deputy Secretary - Todd Ambs: and (608) 264-9210

DNR Contact for Mining Rules Revision - Larry Lynch:  and  and  (608) 267-0869.

State Treasurer - Sara Godlewski:  and  and (608) 266-1714

Attorney General - Josh Kaul: and (608) 266-1221 and (608) 266-1220

Secretary of State - Doug La Follette: and and (608) 266-8888

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