Madison Fair Trade Holiday Festival has gone virtual this year! Month of November

The month of November - Mark your calendars for the upcoming Madison Fair Trade Holiday Festival, which has gone virtual this year!  Make this your one stop shop for all your holiday gift giving. Spend your money on products that support your values; give gifts that give twice, once to the producer and once to the recipient. You will be able to browse all the participating vendors and order directly from their websites by visiting Madison Fair Trade Holiday Festival.  You can also follow the Festival on Face Book.

Madison Rafah Sister City Project (MRSCP) will be participating in the virtual sale via our online store, Madison-Rafah Marketplace. .  We will carry most of our usual items. The store is currently up and running for olive oil sales; our complete product listings will be available when the Festival opens in November. Note: MRSCP will NOT be shipping any purchases; they need to be picked up (you will receive instructions and a pickup window following your purchase). In hardship cases, we may be able to provide delivery. We hope you will be able to participate in this annual event, and as always, thanks for your support. Barb O.