The War at Home - Oscar Nominated documentary - now streaming!

Spread the news about the Oscar Nominated documentary, The War at Home*.  In the 1960s, we took to the streets to stop the Vietnam war.  Civil Rights & Antiwar activists built mass movements that changed America. We did it before and now we must do it again. 

     *extensive coverage of protests in Wisconsin

In 2020, the war at home is back: in the struggle for racial justice, expanding healthcare, protecting the environment – and by stopping Trump's autocratic, extreme agenda .

The torch has been passed to a new generation of activists who should know the history and legacy of political resistance in the ‘60s to inspire them to organize and take action.

The War at Home is Now Streaming – and you can take action to support the film.

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From Glenn Silber & Barry Alexander Brown: Co-Directors, The War at Home