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Our democracy is imperiled by the growing influence of money in politics, greatly compounded by voter suppression and partisan gerrymandering. For our democracy to work, it is essential for citizens to be registered, engaged, know that their vote counts, and have the information they need to vote and make informed decisions.

Wisconsin will be the epicenter of the 2020 elections, whose outcome will largely be determined by turnout. By reaching out to eligible voters around the state on issues that matter to them, and by making sure they are registered and VOTE, we can restore a government that truly reflects the priorities the values and the people of our State and nation.

The Building Unity Tour: Defend Democracy – Register & VOTE! is a 35-week tour that will begin the first weekend of March and run through to the elections in November, making stops in more than 70 communities around Wisconsin. It is non-partisan family-friendly designed to engage, inform, inspire and empower voters.

We have acquired an RV that will serve as the Building Unity Tour VOTE Mobile and rolling office, equipped with a WiFi hotspot, allowing eligible citizens to register to vote on-line via the We will need your help to keep the Buildings Unity VOTE Mobile on the road to defend and take back our democracy.

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