WI Organizations Oppose F-35s

Citing significant concerns about the issues raised in the Envirnmental Impact Statement and those items not address in the EIS, neighborhood and grassroots groups as well as statewide organizations are raising their voice and issuing statements opposing the beddown of the F-35 in Wisconsin. As we will stand together as a community, even as we face the short deadline to get our comments in on the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), we are making a difference! Go to the Safe Skies Clean Water website to see the comments, opinions, and articles that have been published.

We invite you to also weigh in! 
Send your comments by Friday one of these ways:

- Online: http://www.angf35eis.com/Comments.aspx (3000 character limit per submission)
- Or surface mail postmarked by Friday to: 
F-35A EIS Project Manager
Shepperd Hall
3501 Fetchet Avenue
Joint Base Andrews MD 20762-5157
*Please send us a copy of your comments so we can track what has been submitted: https://www.safeskiescleanwaterwi.org/eiscomments/  
Here are some categories of comments and examples of questions:
But again, you can just tell them about what most concerns you. The Air Force has to address questions and tally comments in the final EIS. 
Why was outreach not conducted in the 65 decibel DNL in the languages of the people who live there.  Not just English - Hmong, Spanish, at the very least.
Why were no public meetings held except far away from the affected area and difficult to reach from the east and north sides on public transportation?
Colonel Greco provided great insight into issues our EIS does not address or address adequately:
It’s not a mere nuisance- it has cumulative human health effects - especially but not only on children.  What are these effects as documented by the World Health Organization and why are they not in our EIS?
The noise affects people whether they “like” it or not.  What are the effects of noise at this level on human organs including the heart? How much of the time does that effect  reverse when exposure stops?
What will the actual decibel levels of the F35s taking off in afterburner be?  Given the length of our runway, how is it realistic that afterburners would only be used to lift these heavy planes 5% of the time?   
Considering children - what is the peak decibel level in afterburner and just military power for ALL schools in the flight path regardless of whether they are inside the noise contour?
How can noise be mitigated when people are outside? 
What is the realistic timeline for applying for and receiving funds for home improvements such as insulation? How long would it take for homes in the 65 dB DNL to receive these improvements? What does the timeline look like?
Nuclear Mission
When would F35s based at Truax get the Block 4 upgrade that all F 35A planes will have to bring them to nuclear capacity?
Has the mission of the 115th Fighter Wing ever changed in the past?   Could it change to have a nuclear mission in the future?  Would you tell the public if it does?
The F35 is offensive, first strike.  How does basing F35s here make Madison a target of US enemies?
How is the risk of us being targeted increase compared to when we just have a defensive force?
What would be the area of impact for a retaliatory strike on Truax? If nuclear? If with conventional weapons?
Climate Change
Madison is trying to practice sustainability and achieve carbon net zero.
What measures will  the city have to take to offset the impact of the F 35s?  
Economic issues
Who will do  F35A maintenance? If it will be done by Lockheed Martin contractors, not ANG, how many jobs will be lost? How many jobs will be lost  because of F35s having only one pilot?
Where is the assessment of the economic impact to the city and on services of lost property tax revenue, as property values decline in the 65+ decibel areas?
How would property taxes In other parts of the city be affected to make up the loss? And provide services at the same level?
What is the economic impact on the school district with the schools in the flight path but not qualifying for mitigation?
Toxic contamination
When will the military clean up the PFAS compounds that forced the closure of Well 15?  Clean up Starkweather Creek? The burn pits?
How can construction proceed to house the F35s when it would require digging up and spreading all this contaminated soil?
What are the most toxic compounds in the composite material in the stealth coating?
What precautions are necessary for people working with it? What precautions are necessary for storing it? How is it stored? What kind of accidents are possible with it and what would be the impact of an accident on the environment and on human health?
Crashes are most likely on take off and landing.  Identify the homes and businesses most likely to be impacted by a crash and by toxic fumes/smoke from a resulting fire.
More information can be found at www.safeskiescleanwaterWI.org
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!