Comment by 3/25: MISSION Act Regs to Stop VA Privatization

We need your comments submitted on the MISSION Act proposed regulations! Read the attached flyer by Suzanne Gordon and skim the attached comments VFP members have submitted. Then go to this link and submit your own comments no matter how short. When YOU write your comment, copy it and send it back to me. Thanks.

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Many thanks to those of you who have submitted comments and sent a copy to me. Attached are the comments I received. If you sent me comments and if I missed your email, THEN pls. send again.

WHAT IS GOING ON? The Privatizers inside the VA, like Sec. Wilkie and other former Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) people, are working as fast as they can to privatize the VA during the rest of Trump's term. They want to damage the VA as much as possible so that it can NOT be rebuilt very well IF Democrats win the White House, win the Senate and keep control of the House in Nov. of 2020.

All the Democrats in the House can do is pass resolutions and bills to improve the VA and better fund the VA and then these good bills will be blocked by the Republican controlled Senate. If by chance something "good" is passed by both the House and Senate, then Trump will likely veto it. When that happens it is unlikely that a 2/3rds vote can be achieved in both houses to override Trumps veto.

Result of this reality, is the best things the Dems in the House can do - is to create public awareness of issues NOW which they can RUN on in the 2020 fall elections.

From our perspective, the Dems need to put themselves in the position to say:

"We passed bills in the House to Stop VA Privatization and to Fix, Fund and Fully Staff the VA. The Republican controlled Senate REFUSES to pass the bills or when we do get something good passed then Trump VETOES the bill. The American people need to vote smart in November and ensure that Democrats are elected to control Congress and the White House in 2020 to Fix the VA. Over 80% of veterans want the VA Fixed NOT PRIVATIZED. So vote Democratic, etc. etc."

NOW WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THESE PROPOSED REGS?? The VA has asked for comments, the staffers will read them but Darin Selnick (formerly CVA) who is the boss of these proposed regs will NOT let any substantial changes be made. He and his advisers (what ever shadowy group they may be from) have written the regs to privatize VA care and no-one is going to be able to change these proposed regs at the VA because Darin gets paid by the VA but may work for Trump and the Koch bros.

Under the Congressional Review Act, Congress can kill the proposed regs by passing a joint House and Senate resolution to REJECT the regs. which Trump can veto. So that is not likely these regs can be killed.

An injured party or parties can sue the VA in fed. court for the VA NOT writing regs according to the MISSION Act law or according to the legislative intent of that law, etc. This is a long shot.

But submitting your comments is NOT a waste of time. You submit, I package them up as I have done thus far, then YOU send a letter which we will draft for you to each of your U.S. senators and House members asking them to do X, Y & Z.

Our best shot at this point is to encourage the House and Senate VA committees to hold a joint hearing on the issue:
Do the proposed federal regulations meet the stated law
and legislative intent of the MISSION Act? Yes, or no?

If the conclusion is YES, there is not much that can be done about the regs.

If the conclusion is NO, then creative thinking is required. The House controlled by the Dems could draft a MISSION Act Repair Bill.

So what can YOU do right now? Submit your comment, send a copy to me, then you wait for a week or so and send in your lobbying letters AFTER we send out a letter for you to use. The battle will be in the House NOT the VA.

Thanks for your efforts on this long drawn out battle that will last at least four or more years. This Republican effort to privatize all government is like fighting mosquitoes. You kill a batch, turn around and there are 20 more buzzing toward you.

Buzz Davis, Tucson SOVA Action Team and Stop Pvt. Work Group, 608-239-5354

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