1/6/08 - Letter to Kohl, Feingold Baldwin: End U.S. occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and U.S. aid to Israel

The letter below was signed by several hundred Wisconsin residents and delivered to the offices of Senators Kohl and Feingold and Representative Baldwin as part of the Jan. 6 "Day of the Dead" protest in Madison:


Dear Senator Kohl, Senator Feingold, and Representative Baldwin,

As the 111th session of Congress begins today in Washington, we are here in your office in Madison to remind you that many innocent people are suffering and dying as a result of the policies of the U.S. government.  With the war and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, with the military aide to Israel, with threats of aggression to other countries around the world we cannot remain silent.  It is our right and our responsibility to speak out, to come to your offices today and remind you of the work your constituents want you to do.

Citizens are participating in the March of the Dead today in Washington, DC, Madison, WI, and other places around the country.  We are carrying the names of those killed as a result of the war and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, the names of the people of Gaza who have been killed.  Many of the people who have been killed are innocent children.  Others are mothers and fathers, and grandparents. 

Many of our senators and representatives now believe that the war in Iraq was a mistake based on lies.  We come to you asking what you will do to end this shameful chapter of U.S. history.  We come to you asking that you work on solutions with Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, and other places around the world that do not involve the slaughter of innocent people.
We are here to demand an end to the terror of war.  We must remove our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.  We must demand that Israel stop its attack on Gaza and we must stop military aide to Israel.  We must do more to bring about a peaceful solution in Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Columbia, and other places around the world.  As our representatives in Congress, we come to you.

Our world will not survive the continuing violence that our government is perpetrating around the world.  The policies of our government are not making the world a safer place, but are making the world less safe.  We call upon you to remember those who have suffered and died, and to do even more during this next session of Congress to work for peace and justice for all.

In peace and resistance,