Volunteers Driver for ICE check-ins and immigration hearings

Voces de la Frontera is putting together a training for volunteers who would be able to drive clients either to Immigration Court in Chicago or to ICE appointments, probably in Milwaukee. The Dane Sanctuary Coalition is assisting in this effort. If you are interested in this specific task, please let me know and I will send more details about the training. We need a group of trained drivers because sometimes the need arises quickly. Drivers should have a valid drivers license, a car in good working condition, and insurance. Ability to speak Spanish is highly desirable, but not required.
We need at least 15 people for the training, which will be conducted in Madison by a person from Voces de la Frontera in Milwaukee, where they already have a cadre of such drivers.  Please let me know if you are interested.
Thanks so much!
Rabbi Bonnie Margulis, President
Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice