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Midwest Pictures
Wendy Johnson and Jim Tittle

For Immediate Release         June 4, 2018


Promise in the Sand, a follow-up documentary on frack sand mining, was released June 4, 2018.

At the beginning of the decade, there was an unexpected mining boom here in the Midwest. Jim Tittle’s award-winning documentary, The Price of Sand, chronicled the impact of frack sand mining on small towns and farmers.

Five years later, after the promoters left and the price of sand plummeted, Tittle teamed up with Wendy Johnson to ask the question: How’s it going? Promise in the Sand, a 25-minute short film is the answer to that question.

Set against a pro-mining commentary, the film’s subjects explain the reality of living with frack sand mining:

Quinlan, a realtor living on a sand truck route who can’t sell his home

Rock, a native American whose land has been polluted

Ruth and Dwight, neighbors whose green valley has turned into an industrial landscape

“They blasted and they burned…it looks like mountaintop removal,” says Kathy Katchel of Bagley, Wisconsin, featured in the film.

Starting in Chetek, Wisconsin, the film takes viewers to New Auburn, Tomah, Hixton, Bagley, and Clayton County, Iowa. Aerials, time lapse, and a first-hand view of explosions demolishing a bluff give viewers a rare look at frack sand mining as it happens.

Jim Tittle is a filmmaker from St. Paul whose previous film, The Price of Sand, garnered national attention when it was released in 2013. Wendy Johnson is a writer from Minneapolis whose stories focus on rural environments and communities.

Promise in the Sand is available at Amazon.com: 


Please write to Jim Tittle at the email address given above if you would like to reserve a DVD copy. The copies won't be available immediately but will be available in a few weeks if there is a demand from you. It would be a nice gift and certainly a resource for sharing with others who may not know how people have been impacted when they are surrounded by frac sand mining and related facilities near what they call HOME.


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