Celebration & Potluck for the WI Court of Appeals Decision: Reversed & Remanded!

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We made history and Dane County residents can feel a little more protected!
Join us as we celebrate!

As you may remember, a long battle began in 2014 when Enbridge applied for a permit to build a pumping station in Dane County that would allow their Line 61 pipeline to triple the amount of oil flowing through it.  This was a huge concern for many residents across the state and in Dane County because it’s almost unprecedented for a tar sands oil pipeline to flow at such a high pressure and have that much oil travel through it.  

Given the heightened concerns about a potential spill and the impact on the community (as demonstrated by the Kalamazoo Spill in 2010), the Dane County Zoning Committee required that Enbridge purchase additional insurance that ensures that if there is a spill, Dane County residents won’t be on the hook for paying to clean it up.


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An eleventh hour budget change tried to block Dane County from requiring insurance.  Enbridge denies any responsibility for the law change, but they are the only beneficiary.  Enbridge sued the County for requiring insurance and seven landowners from the impacted region also filed expressing their concerns.  A long court battle ensued.  In February, the Court of Appeals agreed to listen to both sides and weigh in.  On May 24, the Court agreed with the landowners and the county that they have a right to know they will be protected if/when a spill occurs.  Learn more here.

This is a HUGE victory.  Let’s celebrate! RSVP Here

WHAT: Celebration & Potluck for the WI Court of Appeals Decision: Reversed & Remanded!

WHENThursday, June 7, 6:00–9:00 pm

WHEREJames Madison Park shelter, 614 E. Gorham St., Madison

BRING: A dish to pass and your own plate, bowl, and flatware. Beer is allowed but NO glass; boxed wine only, NO glass, NOT more than 10% alcohol (strictly enforced by MPD). Bring a chair or blanket to sit on if you wish.

LOCATION AND PARKINGJames Madison Parkis on East Gorham Street, with the shelter located at 614 East Gorham Street. The park stretches along Lake Mendota, with a small parking lot for park visitors (3-hour maximum) located on the other end of the park, southwest of the shelter. If the lot is full and no street parking is available, space may be available at the Capitol Square North Garage, at Mifflin and Butler. A paved drive leading from East Gorham to the shelter entrance may be useful for drop-off of food, coolers, etc.

See you there!


Elizabeth Ward- Conservation Programs Coordinator
Sierra Club- John Muir Chapter



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