Dignity at Work Coalition Spring Convening

Event Dates: 

May 24, 10:00 to noon

Madison Labor Temple, 1602 S. Park St., Room 109
We are excited to see you all at the Spring Convening of the Dignity at Work Coalition.  We meet on May 24, 10:00 to noon, at the Madison Labor Temple, 1602 S. Park St., Room 109.  The agenda is attached.  As you’ll see, we have a lot to talk about.  As we look ahead to 2019 and perhaps a new legislative outlook, how can we best harness our collective power to make real change?
Our discussion next week will address this question.  Within that, we will present the final version of our concept paper (attached) and talk about action steps to bring it to life and to build buy-in for our vision from our various organizations’ leaderships.
From there, we will share where we are with the development of our Speakers Bureau, and discuss possibilities of broadening our vision to include listening sessions around the state - are people interested in and have capacity to help implement listening sessions? What would it look like? Potentially partnering with WISCAP?  Additionally, could we look toward possibly focus groups to assess how our vision paper can be applied in real life; to assess our values and vision – are our proposals in line with people’s lived experience and understandings of what they need to get their basic needs met and be financially stable? These focus groups, as well as listening sessions, can be a basis for crafting legislation and for galvanizing public support and activism.
In light of the upcoming elections and the possibility of a changed legislative landscape after the election, the Steering Committee would like to ask the question – is there room for change in 2019, is our Coalition prepared to work together collectively to make the changes we want to see? Can we coordinate our efforts? Some possible ideas we want to discuss:  Make visits in January to new legislators as a Coalition; Meet and greets showing a united front and sharing our expertise as a Coalition; Present a Legislative Briefing with as diverse a showing from our members as possible
Finally, we will share the revised 2018 Voter’s Guide to be issued for voters to use in speaking with and asking questions of candidates in the 2018 elections.
This is going to be an important meeting for moving our collective work forward! Please make every effort to attend, and feel free to bring others from your organization to join in the discussion! If you could RSVP so we can have coffee available, that would be very helpful!
I will be sending out shortly dial-in information for those who need to join us by phone or video conference.