Home is where the racism is

Event Dates: 
05/16/18 - 05/18/18
Home is where the racism is:
An Exploration of Racial Justice Organizing in Wisconsin
Hosted by Julia Levine
May 16 at 4 PM to May 18 at 10 PM
Yatra Studio
646 W Washington Ave, Madison, Wisconsin 53703
The gallery will be open:
Wednesday (5/16)- 4pm-9pm
Thursday (5/17)- 12pm-9pm
Friday (5/18)- 12pm-9pm
With organizer conversations occurring:
Thursday May 17th at 7pm- Conversation with Karen S Perez-Wilson and Ucelytl Flores about perspectives in undocumented organizing.
"Home is where the racism is…" is a gallery show that will include a collection of portraits, interviews, and historical material. The work was completed between Fall 2016 and May 2018, through collaboration with folks from Wisconsin that aim to dismantle deeply embedded racism within their communities. The driving questions of this work are personal: what drives folks in their work? What have they learned from challenging oppressive systems and community members? What does equality look like to them? 
The interviewees range in experience: from the Young People’s Resistance Committee teaching summer freedom schools in North Milwaukee to Joe Rose, a Bad River Ojibwe elder, fighting for indigenous land rights for over 40 years. The interviewees differ in philosophy: Xong Xiong primarily focuses on providing decolonized education for Hmong youth in La Crosse, while Voces de la Frontera focuses on building political coalitions to influence Wisconsin policy. What they share is a sense of urgency, an appreciation for those who came before, and a dedication to their communities. And in the process of opposing their own oppression, they have often (re)built ways of relating and existing outside of normative systems. This collection seeks to elevate and draw connections between these stories, ultimately providing a space for discussing community transformation in Wisconsin.