Rally to Fight Back Against Reckless Spending to Build a New Prison

Event Dates: 
March 13th
 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
During a time when many states are reforming their broken criminal justice systems and closing down unneeded or unsafe prisons, the Wisconsin legislature seems intent on locking up more Wisconsinites. We do not need to borrow $350 million to recklessly spend money to build a brand-new prison. Wisconsin already spends billions of dollars on a failed system of imprisonment that does not address the root causes of systemic inequity. Our unjust system includes imprisonment of approximately 3,000 men and women annually for nothing more than a rule violation, disrupting lives, extinguishing hope, and destroying families. This bill would increase that number.
On March 13th, there will be a statewide effort to protest and bring attention to SB 54. This irresponsible and unjust legislation will have devastating effects on our communities and utilize scarce resources that should be spent on treatment and diversions programs, mental health services, and providing parole to those who are eligible. 
MOSES, WISDOM and the ACLU are doing an ALL CALL to everyone who is opposed and offended by the reckless spending this legislation proposes. The bill will be acted upon in the final session of the Senate. Please stand up and make your voice heard. 
We will be meeting at Grace Episcopal Church (116 W Washington) Itinerary for the day: a training, speaking with Senators, and showing up in droves to speak