Volunteer with Worker Justice Wisconsin

Ready to do something to help immigrant workers who aren't being paid?  Women facing sexual harassment at work who cannot afford an attorney?  People leaving prison only to face unemployment because of discrimination?   Worker Justice Wisconsin is a nonprofit organization which operates one of only two worker centers in Wisconsin.  We offer monthly basic workplace rights and other workshops, as well as meetings for individuals or small groups about specific workplace problems.  2/3 of the workers who come to the center are immigrants, 70% make $10 or less per hour; all services are free and offered in the workers' preferred language.  Most are experiencing wage theft, discrimination, or rights violations related to medical leave or injury.   
All volunteers are trained and supervised by staff, and commit to volunteer for at least 2 hours, twice monthly, for 6 months.  Being bilingual in Spanish is very helpful, but not necessary.  Volunteer advocates offer information, help workers file complaints, write a letter or gather more information. Advocate shifts are currently available on Monday evenings and Thursday mornings.   We also need volunteers at other times to make phone calls, collect or enter data, do outreach, or help with workshops.  Email Becky@workerjustice.org if interested.  
Becky Schigiel
Executive Director
Worker Justice Wisconsin
1602 S. Park Street #116
Madison WI 53715