Board member - Volunteer position

Occupy Madison is still looking for board members . . . primarily we need people with time who can help with the many things we do, or people with nonprofit experience. If anyone wants to be the treasurer - that's a plus (says the current treasurer! warning: we switched to quickbooks on-line) 
Goal: The members of the Board of Directors are collectively responsible to ensure effective and fiscally-sound programs and operations by providing vision, leadership, advice, and direction to the members, stewards, and volunteers of the organization.
· Commitment to the mission and vision of the organization
· Specific experience or knowledge in fundraising, outreach, organizational
· development or a field related to the organization's programs and services
· Ability to work in a team
· Adequate time availability
· Understand the roles, responsibilities, and liabilities of serving on the Board.
· Prepare for each Board meeting by reading material distributed prior to the meeting.
· Attend all regular and special Board meetings and participate in the proceedings.
· Serve actively on at least one committee or workgroup
· Maintain knowledge of current programs of the organization.
· Participate in the fundraising efforts of the organization.
· Be accessible, at least by phone or E-mail to members of the Board, and committee or Workgroup members.
· Contribute at least six hours per month by attending Board and workgroup/committee meetings, participating in Board-related activities, fulfilling workgroup/committee assignments, donor visits, etc.
· Fulfill commitments within the agreed-upon deadlines.
· Be loyal to the organization.
· Hold in confidence any proprietary information given to Board Members.