Building Unity - Stevens Point

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Have you heard about the new movement that just got started in Wisconsin called Building Unity
Building Unity is a collection of progressive networks, faith organizations, civic organizations, and other groups and individuals with the goal of organizing all of us in Wisconsin who believe in freedom, justice, democracy, sustainability, and peace. Like you, we stand for progressive causes like ending racial disparities, ending mass incarceration, immigration reform, and moving toward economic justice for all. We know that war is bleeding us dry, climate change is real, and that the fact that nuclear war is being considered, planned, and prepared for, does not make any of us safer.  
Have you ever considered what would happen if all of us who stand for peace, justice, sustainability, and democracy united and focused our efforts in the same direction? 
Building Unity believes that with enough cooperation and unity, we can access the power that we need to move towards a more sane and healthy society.
Building Unity will hold our next statewide organizing meeting this coming
Saturday, February 10, at the Stevens Point UU Fellowship at 3116 Algoma St. - Stevens Point.
We will start with a community lunch at noon. We will conclude no later than 4pm. If you can’t come for the whole time, come for what you can.
Please help us to assemble a diverse collection of activists from around the state by sharing this information with all would be interested and ask your Facebook friends to like us on facebook:
Please forward this to your network of dreamers.  We all know that we are not the only ones.
For more information, please write to
For Progressive Unity, before it is too late!