Calling Baldwin: Tell the US not to recognize election results in Honduras!

On Sunday night, the Honduran election authorities declared current President Juan Orlando Hernandez the winner of the contested November 26th elections despite credible allegations of massive fraud and protests across the country demanding the popular will be respected. Today, roads all over Honduras are blocked in protest as people refuse to accept what is seen as a blatent attempt to steal the elections. Since the elections, at least 22 people have been killed and numerous others injured as the Military Police, Military, and Police have violently repressed protests, firing live bullets at protesters, attacking them with batons, and torturing people with electric shocks.

The election process has been so irregular that even the General Secretary of the Organization of American States (OAS) has stated that it 'cannot give assurance regarding the outcome of the elections held on November 26' and called for new elections. The OAS recognized "deliberate human intrusions in the computer system" and other irregularities. A Georgetown University Professor's statistical analysis of the dramatic change in vote patterns concludes, "I would reject the proposition that the National Party won the election legitimately"

Despite the evidence of massive fraud and violent repression by the state security forces, the United States continues propping up the current regime, continues financing the Honduran security forces, and the US Embassy has even tried to legitimize the vote counting process.

Call on Senate Appropriations Committee Member Senator Baldwin THIS WEEK to not recognize the results of the election and immediately stop all economic and political support for the current Honduran regime, including security aid to the Honduran military and police.

Sample script:
I am extremely concerned about the violent repression by state forces in Honduras against people across the country who are protesting fraud. The massive irregularities and allegations of fraud in the vote counting process have been well documented, and even the General Secretary of the Organization of American States (OAS) has stated that it ‘cannot give assurance regarding the outcome of the elections held on November 26’ and called for new elections.

I am outraged that the US State Department certified that Honduras was meeting human rights standards outlined by Congress when clearly they have not. As an example of this, at least 22 people have been killed and many more injured by live bullets fired by state forces at crowds. Due to the ongoing repression and the danger in Honduras, I ask you in your official capacity on the Appropriations Committee to take steps to immediately hold and suspend all funding to the Honduran regime.

Keep making calls! We know you may have already called, but this is a crucial moment to keep up the pressure. Contact Senator Baldwin at:

- 715-832-8424 (Eau Claire)
- 920-498-2668 (Green Bay)
- 608-796-0045 (La Crosse)
- 608-264-5338 (Madison)
- 414-297-4451 (Milwaukee)
- 715-261-2611 (Wausau)

US State Department Honduras Desk: 202-736-7660

Tweet! #HondurasElections2017 @SenatorBaldwin @StateDept shouldn't recognize election results, must cut diplomatic relations with @JuanOrlandoH's regime, and end US security and military aid!

1. US should not recognize the results of the election.
2. US must suspend any diplomatic relation with Juan Orlando Hernandez and the current Honduran regime.
3. US must immediately cut all security and military aid to Honduras.

From:SOA Watch