Prayer Vigil and March - Milwaukee

Event Dates: 

Thurs. Nov. 16,  ---  Nationwide Nonviolent Actions Demanding Jesuit Universities Not Teach War and Killing by sponsoring ROTC on Christian campuses.  We will hold a Prayer Vigil at Noon in front of the M.U. Library on 14th & Wisconsin Ave. followed by a  march to Jesuit Residence. It is the feast of the Jesuit martyrs in El Salvador   Georgetown honors the Salvadoran Jesuit martyr Father Ellucaria S.J. but dishonors him by ROTC. In an interview in 1989 when  asked about ROTC,  he said:  “Tell the Jesuits of Georgetown that they are committing mortal sin because they are  supporting the forces of death which are killing our people.”  We will meet at the Jesuit Residence across from the M.U. Student Union on 15th & Wells Sts.  Starting at ll:45 a.m.  The teaching of war at the ROTC on a Christian. campus is teaching nationalism, not Christianity.  We have signs. Please join us!!  The truth is that it is impossible to interpret Jesus as violent. Violence is contrary to the Kingdom of God. It is an instrument of the Antichrist. Violence never serves man, but dehumanizes him.” -Pope Benedict XVI    PLEASE COME.  WE NEED ENOUGH PEOPLE TO HAVE AN IMPACT.  THANKS.   For More information call Don at 414 342 0158