Action Alert: Calls on Keystone XL

Take action now to urge the Nebraska Public Service Commission to consider climate in their assessment of whether Keystone XL is in the public interest and to deny the permit for the project.


Since Donald Trump signed the federal permit for Keystone XL, the climate movement has been stepping up and coming together in a big way. The broad coalition of leaders, organizations, and allied movements that stopped this pipeline before, hasn’t gone away — and are ready to do it again.

Indigenous communities are setting up Spirit Camps in the path of the project to defend their land and water. Environmental and Indigenous groups have already filed two lawsuits against the pipeline's rushed approval.1 First Nations in Canada have pledged to step up resistance to new tar sands mines. And a network is already forming to #DefundKXL by targeting the banks who are financing the project.

In Nebraska, there is still no permitted route for Keystone XL. Eighty-five landowners are refusing to give up their land, and thousands more people are rallying to deny TransCanada their state permit. They’re asking pipeline fighters from across the United States to support them by submitting comments to Nebraska’s Public Service Commission urging them to include climate in their assessment and oppose the permit.

TransCanada can’t start construction anywhere until they have a permit through Nebraska. That makes every comment opposing this permit a crucial step to stopping the pipeline -- no matter what Trump says. Click here to send your comment opposing Keystone XL through Nebraska.

If built, this pipeline would poison our climate, air, water, land and communities, and violate Indigenous rights. Building Keystone would be a fuse to one of the largest carbon bombs on the planet and threaten the livelihoods of people everyday. This pipeline is not in the public interest, which is why President Obama denied it and Nebraska should too.

We have so many tools to fight back:

  • The Rosebud Sioux Tribe have already set up a spirit camp in South Dakota, the Shield the People camp, in the path of the pipeline and plan to oppose the project in the courts, and along the route.
  • Trump illegally approved the Keystone XL border crossing, so a group environmental groups have sued the administration for violating the National Environmental Policy Act, among other laws.
  • In Canada, First Nations are taking Big Oil to court and Canadians are taking to the streets to oppose expansion of the tar sands industry.
  • With oil demand and prices both dropping, this project faces big financial headwinds. That means hitting them in their pocketbook could make a big difference. That’s why people are gearing up to #DefundKXL by divesting from TransCanada and the banks financing the project.

We'll need to take bold and creative action over the next few months – and in the meantime,submitting comments to the Nebraska Public Service Commission is the best way to let TransCanada know what's to come.

Thank you for speaking up and for fighting together. This isn’t over, not by a long shot.


P.S. If you missed our #NoKXL strategy session last week, you can listen to the recording and read a summary of next steps here.

Keystone XL: Environmental and Native Groups Sue to Halt Pipeline - Inside Climate News