Petition: Stand with LGBT People

The NCAA made a bad call in North Carolina. Sign the petition now to stand with LGBT people.

The board of governors just announced that North Carolina’s so-called HB2 'repeal' bill is sufficient to justify bringing championship games back to the state.


The NCAA is wrong. North Carolina cannot provide a “nondiscriminatory environment” by replacing HB2 with a new law that still bars cities from passing LBGT non-discrimination protections. This law targets transgender people by banning policies protecting access to restrooms. In fact, instead of passing protections, state lawmakers are now threatening to pass "bathroom trespassing laws."

Add your name now to tell the NCAA that unless North Carolina truthfully reverses the damage of HB2, the state should not be allowed to host any national championships.

We have two weeks until the NCAA announces host sites for the next five years. That’s enough time to convince the organization that North Carolina’s fake 'repeal' law leaves the state unsafe for LGBT people – especially transgender people.

It’s especially urgent that we act now because Texas, which has an HB2-like law pending, might see this as their green light to a law that will do enormous harm to the safety and equality of trans people.

Act now – tell the NCAA the truth about North Carolina’s new law.

Thanks for acting quickly,
Anthony for the ACLU Action team