Action Alert for March 9, 2017

Action Alert 1: Voter Justice and Democratizing Elections Conference
Action Alert 2: 25th Annual CSA Open House!
Action Alert 3: Radicals & Progressives Meet & Eat!

Action Alert 4: Rock the Resistance
Action Alert 5: 
Ask A Scientist: Ecological Impacts of Climate Change

Action Alert 1: Register today - Voter Justice and Democratizing Elections Conference - Milwaukee
Background: Hosted by Count My Vote WI & Recount 2016. This free non-partisan conference is focused on current electoral issues Re-Districting and Voter I.D., Electoral College, Campaign Finance, Voting Machine Security, Voter Issues, Corporate Personhood, Rank Choice Voting and Jim Crow Elections. Join us to hear key speakers such as the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein and David Cobb, the Black Agenda Report’s Margaret Kimberly, the Blue Jean Nation’s Mike McCabe and the Democratic Party’s WI Rep. Fred Kessler. The important documentary film - “I Voted” will be shown. This is an in-depth examination of the US voting system, discovering that millions of Americans cast unverifiable digital ballots.
Take Action: March 18-19 at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Register today! to be included in the complimentary breakfast and lunch count.
Contact for more info: The full agenda can be seen online at

Action Alert 2: 25th Annual CSA Open House! - Madison
Background: Hosted by FairShare CSA Coalition. Meet 35+ local farmers and find out more about community supported agriculture. Free, with a $5 suggested donation.
Take Action: Noon – 4pm, Sun. March 12Monona Terrace (1 John Nolen Dr.), Madison, WI.
Contact for more info:

Action Alert 3: Radicals & Progressives Meet & Eat! - Madison
Background: Join us and share your concerns and projects.
Take Action:  6pm, Mon, March 13, Orient House (626 S. Park St.)
Contact for more info: 608-284-9082.

Action Alert 4: Rock the Resistance - Beloit
A presentation by Prof. David Havas, UW-Whitewater, on the nature of political language and how political candidates use stump speeches to attract undecided voters. Hosted by Democracy Rocks – Rock County, a non-partisan community facilitator working to join forces among different progressive organizations.
Take Action: 6:30pm, Tues, March 14Bushel & Peck’s (328 State St. in Beloit)
Contact for more info:

Action Alert 5: Ask A Scientist: Ecological Impacts of Climate Change - Eau Claire
Background: Climate change is rapidly disrupting the delicate balance of ecosystems triggering a cascade of effects including declines in biodiversity, disruptions to food webs, increased spread of disease, alterations in phrenology, and shifts in species’ ranges. These ecological consequences are transforming ecosystems in profound ways. Although climate change is happening on a global scale, the magnitude of the change varies by locale. Come to learn about the wide-reaching ecological impacts of climate change and hear how it has affected specific species.
Take Action:  7:00pm to 9:00pm, Wed, March 15, Acoustic Café (505 South Barstow St., Eau Claire)
Contact for more info:

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