Wisdom Madison Action Day

Event Dates: 
There will be Breakout Groups dealing in-depth with 11 different issues at the WISDOM Madison Action Day on March 30.  They are:
Treatment Alternatives and Diversions (TAD) - seeking more resources for alternatives to incarceration.
The Second Chance Act - which would move most 17 year-olds back to the juvenile justice system (currently, Wisconsin is one of a few states that treats all 17 year-olds as adults).
Solitary Confinement - pushing for continued reduction of the use of solitary confinement, and investment in mental health programs in prisons as alternatives to it.
Crimeless Revocations - calling on the state to stop sending people on Supervision back to prison for mere rule violations if they have not committed a new crime.
Parole and Compassionate Release - rather than end the parole board, restore real opportunities for the many parole-eligible people in prison to earn their release.
Transitional Jobs - calling for greater investment in a very successful program that provides jobs for people who have been unemployed for a long time.
Transit - working to increase the resources dedicated to public transportation, to invest equitably in people who do not drive cars.
Immigration reform - standing in solidarity with immigrants in this very difficult time
Back Forty Mine - standing with the Menominee people to oppose a sulfide mine on their ancestral lands (which include burial mounds) which also poses a threat to our rivers and Lake Michigan.
Health Care As a Human Right - working to ensure that health care coverage is not lost for people in Wisconsin, but rather that it is expanded.
Education - this workshop will be led by students, dealing with their needs and hopes.
Please remember that we want as many people as possible to register for Madison Action Day by this coming Wednesday, March 15.  We want to have a good initial sense of who is coming so we can start to plan for space, food and materials.  We will continue to accept registrations after that date, but people should be advised that we may not be able to have lunches for people who register after March 24.  You can register online at  http://wisdommadisonactio.wixsite.com/mysit or through any WISDOM organization, or download a flyer at https://org2.salsalabs.com/o/7172/images/WISDOM%20MADISON%20ACTION%20DAY,%20March%2030,%202017-2.pdf and mail it in to the WISDOM office.
Bethel Lutheran Church
312 Wisconsin Ave, Madison, WI