Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks

Event Dates: 
02/17/17 - 02/20/17

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Join the Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks! Summit Feb 17-20

Join the HUMANS

Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks

Work sprint and collaboration convergence

Madison, Wisconsin

February 17-20


Gathering with sister projects from Jackson Mississippi, St. Louis MO, Lansing MI, and more.  


Mutual Aid Networks (MANs) are a new type of networked cooperative ‘creating means for everyone to discover and succeed in work they want to do, with the support of their community.’


MANs are a legal, financial, and social framework for coming together around common goals, carrying out work, and earning access to resources in a mutual credit system. A DIY way to redo our economy by redoing how we work together. Ultimately we aim to make it easier to do the community work of your choosing, without having to create or participate in non-profit structure. For example, a MAN-type cooperative could be a framework to support a civilian mental health crisis response team, or to develop a community wealth-generating neighborhood resource center, or to make and maintain a commons garden, or to create a care team for wellbeing in the neighborhood, etc.


Lots of people and organizations in Madison are ready to organize ourselves in this way, and we’ll be joined by people from around the US and beyond (Argentina! UK!) who are doing their own organizing experiments and collaboarting with us.


Let’s see what more we can do together, with some new tools and frameworks.


The possibilities are endless and the exploration of them is just beginning.


RSVP here. (but if you forget to rsvp please come anyway!)


For more information contact Stephanie Rearick, Creative Director of Mutual Aid Networks, at


February Mutual Aid Network Summit Schedule

All events at Horizon Co-Working, 7 N. Pinckney, unless otherwise noted.

Work sprint and collaboration convergence in Madison Wisconsin February 17-20

Followed by optional retreat/field trip Feb 21-23

Gathering with sister projects from Mississippi, St. Louis MO, Lansing MI, and more.

RSVP here(But if you forget to rsvp please come anyway!)


  • Orient participants to Mutual Aid Network framework,
  • Build capacity to communicate MAN framework and local projects
  • Orient participants to existing MAN tech – Mutual Aid Platform, timebanking platforms, communications, value flow network mapping
  • Develop plan for tech skill-building program – our tech needs can be early training grounds, or orientation for potential trainers. View as beginning of process
  • Try process for MAN/community money pool plan development
  • Develop framework for future collaborative action, locally and trans-locally


Fri 2/17 Sat 2/18 Sun 2/19 Mon 2/20


Poshterity budgeting (we complete our personal and/or project as case study)



Tech brainstorm brunch! to begin developing tech training program

10-12 Free morning



  12-1 lunch – Allied Coop town hall? 2-3 Break 12-2 lunch


Recap of time so far, map of interdependency




Intros, Overview of MAN and summit

Each presents work for 5 minutes, begin map of interdependence



Community money pools workshop. Allied peer support circle and neighborhood resource center as case studies – aim to create draft for each. Includes makerspace, template for sharing equity, creating housing.



Resist and Build Gathering(Labor Temple)


2-3 Break
3-4 Break 3-4 Break   3-7


Pro-Action Cafe (facilitated process to identify courses of action, plot next steps)

Future convenings


  4-5 Communication workshop    
4-6Discussion and harvest 5-6


Tech tools (overview, discussion/lay out process for capacity development MANs)



Dinner and drinks nearby

Nothing scheduled   Feb 21-23


Field trip, debrief (or not…)