Statewide Network Commits to Continuing Work for Justice in the Face of Hate

Wisconsin Network For Peace and Justice (WNPJ) recognizes and stands in unity with those experiencing and feeling an increased amount of violence and push back in these uncertain times. Given the increased amounts of hate crimes following the election, we expect an increase in personal attacks as well as institutional violence through policy following the inauguration. WNPJ has been an ally and leader of movements to end racism, deportation, war, mass incarceration, and privatization of education. WNPJ stands with and for those who continue the struggle in these daunting times.

Let us be clear about who we are and what we stand for. We continue to fight for the same justices that have been fought for over hundreds of years:

We stand for Racial Justice. We fight for it locally, nationally and internationally. WNPJ supports the Movement 4 Black Lives and their policy campaign (

We stand for the redistribution of wealth that has been stolen through a history of economic exploitation and race-based policy that has created great wealth inequality putting the most in the hands of the few.

We stand for an end to white supremacy and patriarchy.

We stand for a redistribution of power. We want power in the hands of the people, the most impacted people. Not in the hands of big business.

We stand with the Native Americans who have always been at the forefront of the fight for environmental justice at Standing Rock and beyond.

We stand with migrants who are seeking peace and prosperity for their families and community and believe migration is a human right.

We stand with our children and their parents in the fight for good public education.

We stand with the Black men and women who are being exploited in the prison industrial complex in which Wisconsin has once again been highlighted as one of the nation's worst in terms of racial disparities through the Center on Wisconsin Strategy's recent study.

We stand with organizations fighting for women’s rights. For reproductive justice and the right for women to have ultimate control over their bodies.

We stand with queer and trans communities for their right to exist in this world with love and respect.

We stand for the rights of sex workers and the many people who fighting to survive poverty.

We stand with our veterans who have come home to isolation, shame, guilt and who have been neglected by the nation they fought for.

We stand for the activists, organizers and seekers of peace and justice who continue to fight for an end to war abroad and at home, militarism, and weapons creation.

The times ahead are uncertain. For many of us the times ahead are wrought with fear. We expect increased institutional and individual violence against activists, people of color, immigrants, queer people, and people perceived as Muslim. We also know that our communities are resilient. We will be strong together in the face of this violence and to stand with the most affected among us.

This includes supporting organizations that have and continue to do the work of fighting for revolutionary change. Some of the organizations that we look to for hope are those in our network and other partners locally and nationally. Voces de la Frontera has brought together a broad statewide coalition to push back against hate in this moment; we have participated in a newly formed group in Madison called United Against Hate; a partner organization Freedom Inc. continues pushing for community control over the police; Madison and Milwaukee 350 have continued to support efforts to stop the DAPL at Standing Rock and the Enbridge pipeline in WI; the WI Coalition to Ground the Drones continues pushing for peaceful solutions in whatever way possible; and many, many others.

If you would like to be connected with organizations who are doing this work or get information blasts and action alerts about what you can do to keep our communities strong, please email us at or find us online at


For Immediate Release: January 20th, 2017

Contact: Jessica Williams, WNPJ Co-Chair – 480-233-1392

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