Action Alert for Jan. 17, 2017

Action Alert 1: Last Gasp with the National Lawyers Guild
Action Alert 2: Call to ask Boys and Girls Club to Cancel Canned Hunt Fundraiser
Action Alert 3: Love and Revolution Radio
Action Alert 4: Check the WNPJ Calendar
Action Alert 5: WNPJ Newsletter Available Online

Action Alert 1: Last Gasp with the National Lawyers Guild
Calling all social justice activists, progressive, lawyers, law students,and community organizers. The National Lawyers Guild will be hosting a last gasp solidarity celebration on the eve of the inauguration for lcoal change-makers and folks on the left end of the legal community. There will be Live Music! by Hoot n Annie string band and Snacks!!
Take Action: Come join us in celebration and struggle! Thursday, January 19th ~ 5:30 - 8pm Argus Bar & Grill, 123 E Main St, Madison
Contact for more info: Patricia (PK) Hammel for questions (608) 279-4136

Action Alert 2: Call to ask Boys and Girls Club to Cancel Canned Hunt Fundraiser
The Boys and Girls Club of Janesville is holding a Pheasant Hunt fundraiser on February 13, 2017. This is a canned hunt, where captive birds are released in an enclosed area, so that hunters can shoot and kill them. There will be two hunts which will take place in Evansville, WI. For every hunter, three pheasants will be released. Adults and children under 18 are invited to hunt. These animals are bred in captivity purely to be hunted for sport. These hunts are cruel activities, in which the hunted animal has no chance of escape. In fact many hunting groups oppose canned hunts and several states have banned them.
Take Action: Contact the Boys & Girls Club of Janesville and tell them that this event should be canceled. Killing captive animals is not an activity that should be associated with a club that seeks to instill integrity in our youth.
Boys & Girls Club of Janesville, 608-755-0575, 
or Send a letter to the Janesville Gazette that states your disappointment in this type of activity.
Janesville Gazette,
Contact for more info: Alliance for Animals and the Environment,

Action Alert 3: Love and Revolution Radio
Guests Envision the Challenges and the Possibilities of 2017
Kazu Haga of the East Point Peace Academy; Dena Eakles of Echo Valley Hope; Heart Phoenix of the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuiling; Rhonda Fabian, Editor of Kosmos Online; and Larry Spotted Crow Mann join Sherri Mitchell and Rivera Sun to look into what's coming . . . the frightening, the hopeful, the encouraging, and the inspiring. 
Take Action:  Listen to the podcast.
Contact for more info:

Action Alert 4: Check the WNPJ Calendar
Background: There are so many activities happening over the next few weeks that we can't fit it all into these action alerts! We will be sending out two a week for a bit to help with that, so don't hesitate to send us information on events or actions you'd like us to post in the action alerts. The next one will be going out this Thursday.
Take Action: Please make sure to check the WNPJ Calendar, so you don't miss anything.
Contact for more info: WNPJ Volunteers at

Action Alert 5: WNPJ Newsletter Available Online
Background: This issue contains articles on Standing Rock, Back 40 Mine, Community Control of the Police, a Member Group Spotlight, and a Member Survey we hope you'll complete. Also, please Save the April 22nd for our Spring Assembly. The planning is just beginning and we hope to showcase much of the work you all are doing. Watch for more information and consider becoming part of the planning by contacting Jessica Williams at
Take Action: WNPJ publishes our newsletter, the Network News, three times a year. We want articles and udpates from all over the state. Please submit your items by e-mail, if possible. The newsletter due dates are as follows: November 15 for January's issue, March 15 for May's issue, and July 15 for September's issue. Material received prior to the deadline will be considered for the newsletter. Material received after the 20th of the deadline month cannot be included in the newsletter. 
Contact for more info: WNPJ newsletter editor Julia Levine

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