Petition: Drop the Lawsuit!

Colombia Support Network asks us to join them in signing this petition.

A U.S. mining company has launched a $16.5 billion lawsuit against Colombia.

What did Colombia do to earn this dubious distinction? Well, the government stopped a deadly gold mine that was threatening the Amazon rainforest.

Not only does the Colombian government have a right to protect the world’s most diverse rainforest from profit-hungry mining interests -- it has a duty to do so.

This lawsuit is just but one example of corporations undermining national sovereignty for the sake of private profits. We can't let corporations sue governments when they can't make a profit.

Tell Tobie Mining and Energy to drop its lawsuit.

Tobie Mining and Energy executives claim that Colombia created a National Park on Amazon rainforest where the mining giant had a concession to mine for gold. Under the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement, Tobie claims Colombia is liable for the company’s lost investment of $16.5 billion, or more than 22 percent of Colombia’s national budget.

We need to take a stand against dangerous trade deals now, or this scary lawsuit could become part of a global trend.

If the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is passed, we could see more and more corporations suing countries in secret courts simply because their profit-making interests conflict with essential environmental protections. We could see countries slapped with billions in lawsuits for protecting their water, land and essential resources from profit-hungry corporations. This is why our community is organizing against the ratification of the TPP in Canada, the U.S., Peru and many more countries.

Let's make sure corporations like Tobie also know that we won't stand for ludicrous lawsuits! We've taken on mining companies before -- and won. Now let's support Colombia as it protects the precious Amazon rainforest.

Sign the petition to demand Tobie Mining and Energy drop its lawsuit against Colombia.

Thanks for all that you do,

Paul, Ledys, Liz and the team at SumOfUs