September-October 2009 Newsletter

The September-October 2009 issue of the WNPJ Network News looked at the rapidly expanding presence of military recruiters in our schools and the efforts ot concerned parents, students and community members to offer an opposing point of view. Plus an update on the Wisconsin "Bring Our Guard Home" campaign, a tribute to Linda Farley and Midge Miller, and a report on a civil disobedience action at Wisconsin's Ft. McCoy. All that, and our statewide calendar, too!  Click here to see it all (as a .pdf file which can be read with Adobe Reader - click here to download a new copy of Adobe Reader for free.) Scan below for highlights:

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On Page 1, a cognitive scientist tells us how military recruiters exploit some of the peculiarities of the teenage brain - and gives us some tips on how to talk to teens about the military:


On Page 3, a Sauk City peace activist tells of her experiences countering military recruiters in her local school:



On Page 5: A tribute to Midge Miller and Linda Farley:



On Page 7, a report on the growing national campaign to challenge deployments of our National Guard overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq, and what you can do to help:



On Page 8, A Madison peace activist talks about her efforts to expand the counter-recruitment message beyond "Just say no" to provide Wisconsin guidance counsellors and their students with peaceful alternatives to military service:



On Page 10, a report on a peace walk to Wisconsin's Fort McCoy, and a nonviolent action that ended in nine arrests: