Bring Our War $$ Home - Wisconsin

Bring Our War $ Home campaign, and will be working to make the connection between lavish war spending overseas and austerity budgets at home. Key goals and strategies on the WI Defense Transition Campaign outlined below. 


WI Defense Transition Focus Areas: 

How much do wars and weapons cost your community?

You might be surprised.

If you live in Wisconsin, click here to find out how much the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and 10 major weapons systems have cost your community.

Please share this information and ask your school board, labor council, city or town council or county board to pass a resolution in favor of bringing that war $$ home!


Go on the record, in support of bringing the war $$ home!

Letters to the editor are an effective to educate others about the obscene level of U.S. war and weapons spending.  Click here for info that will help you write letters that get published!

The centerpiece of the campaign will be to encourage local "Bring Our War $ Home" resolutions like the resolutions below, passed by local governments across the country.


Date City / County / Org State Resolution  Media Vote
Dec 16, 2013 South Central Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO  WI Text    
Nov 3, 2013 Madison Friends Meeting  WI Text    
Jan 15, 2013 Raleigh  NC Text News  5-3
Jan 10, 2013 Dane County  WI Text News 1 & 2, Opinion 1 & 2 26-5-5
Dec 17, 2012 Duluth  MN Text (.pdf) News  5-3-1
Dec 7, 2012 Minneapolis  MN Text (.pdf) News  12-0
Oct 27, 2012 AFT labor union  WI Text    
Oct 10, 2012 St Paul  MN Text News  7-0
Sept 25, 2012 Milwaukee  WI Text News  13-0
June 21, 2012 Philadelphia  PA Text News  15-2
Jan 17, 2012 Charlottesville  VA Text News  4-0
Jan 16, 2012 Portland  OR Text News  3-0
Dec 14, 2011  San Francisco  CA Text    8-3
Oct 18, 2011  Pittsburgh  PA Text    9-0
July 11, 2011  Seattle  WA Text  News, Opinion  9-0
July 5, 2011  Los Angeles  CA Text  News  12-1
April 5, 2011  Portland  ME Text    7-1
March 28, 2011 Hartford  CT Text    

 Compare many of these resolutions side-by-side with the WNPJ Resolutions Grid.


Other resources

Our BOW$H tri-fold brochure is being developed.

We developed a flyer with key facts about military spending.  Click here to download the image.

Total Cost of Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan to Wisconsin taxpayers, as of October 2012:

  • Cost to send one soldier to Afghanistan for one year: $1,000,000            
  • Cost to send one student to the University of Wisconsin for one year:  $24,000
  • Cost to educate one student in a Wisconsin public school for one year:  $12,624
  • Cost of one B-2 Bomber: $2,200,000,000
  • Annual budget of the Milwaukee Public School system: $1,170,500,000

Total Cost of War for the United States, as of October 2012: $1,378,400,000,000